Do you know the Advantages of investing in Panama?

  • Permanent resident permit as investor.
  • Resident permit as trusted personnel, executives, experts, and / or technicians, valid for the term of the contract.
  • Short-stay visa as a merchant and investor, by special laws: teacher, student or researcher of a higher education center in a free zone; researcher of a scientific research center.
  • The permits will be extended, on equal terms, to the spouse and minor and elderly children of the main applicant.
  • Law 32 grants special incentives in labor material for Free Zones, making some regulations found in our labor code more flexible.
  • Exemption from taxes and import duties on raw materials, semi-finished products, purchase and import of equipment and construction materials.
  • Exemption from taxes and import duties on equipment, machinery, spare parts, tools, accessories, supplies, packaging materials and any good or service required for its operations.
  • Exemption from income tax on foreign operations.
  • Exemption from patent or license tax.
  • Exemption from the Personal Property Transfer Tax (ITBM) on local purchases.
  • The promoters of the Free Zones are exempt from income tax in the lease and sublease.
  • Service companies, logistics service companies, high-technology companies, scientific research centers, higher education centers, general service companies, specialized centers for the provision of health services and environmental services companies will be one hundred percent ( 100%) exempt from income tax for their foreign operations and for their operations with each other.


  • Three minutes from Line 2 of the subway.

  • Wide concrete streets.

  • Fully fenced for maximum security.

  • Access to transportation 24 hours a day.

  • Illuminated streets.

  • City's sanitary system connected to the facility.

  • Modern design rain drainage.

  • 30 minutes away from the Port of Balboa (Pacífico).

  • 15 minutes away from Tocumen International Airport.

  • Direct access to the Colon Free Zone through the Trans-ism highway or the Madden-Colón highway.


  • We design warehouse according to the client's needs.

  • We use prefabricated structure buildings.

  • Reinforced concrete floors, designed to handle heavy industrial loads.

  • We adapt your warehouse to the size of your business needs.

  • 100% leak-free steel roofs.

  • Block walls.

  • Warehouses available with 350m2 to 2,500m2 areas.


  • Abundant supply of drinking water.

  • Three-phase electrical energy for industrial use.

  • The entire electrical and telephone system is underground.

  • Customs service.

  • 24-hour security.

  • Maintenance of green areas.

  • Garbage collection.

  • Technical support to obtain the operating license in the Free Zones.

Financial Center

The Panama Financial Center is the largest in Latin America, with a banking community of more than 90 international and local banks such as BAC-Credomatic, BBVA, Scotia Bank, Bladex, TowerBank, Citibank, Banco General, Multibank and Banco Panamá among others. Panama has unique advantages for banking, finance, and commercial businesses, due to the absence of a central bank, monetary authority, and paper money.

Another fundamental characteristic is the use of the United States dollar as the legal currency, which has contributed to strengthening the Panamanian International Trade Corporations of the financial crisis. The United States dollar has been the legal currency since 1904.

Do you want to export?

Being the first free zone of Panama, our objective is to provide you with all the facilities so that you can expand the horizons of your market.