¡Encuentre en nosotros el aliado que necesita su negocio!

¿Quiere exportar?

    ¡Encuentre en nosotros el aliado que necesita su negocio!

    ¿Quiere exportar?

      Welcome to Panama's
      first Industrial Free Zone

      We are a company specifically designed to exceed the requirements and needs of investors interested in exporting their products and services to the world.

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      Why invest in Panama?

      Due to its size, Panama is known as the Hub of the Americas, which facilitates an optimal interaction between the different assets that the country offers: ports, airports, railways, special economic zones, the Panama Canal and the local market.

      These conditions have allowed Panama's free zones to develop with a logistics integration model that satisfies the requirements of the world market, where multinational companies take advantage of existing platforms for their regional operations.

      Panama is one of the most prosperous economies in Latin America, with government, social stability and a trade that has the US dollar as the legal currency, aspects that attract new companies to establish their commercial and logistics operations in this country.




      Do you want to export?

      Being the first free zone of Panama, our objective is to provide you with all the facilities so that you can expand the horizons of your market.